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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reichert now owns the war too

Via David Postman comes Dave Reichert's endorsement of the war in Iraq. (PDF file)

Such a piece of puffery and nonsense from Reichert. The Iraqi insurgents aren't the Wehrmacht, they aren't Johny Reb and they aren't the Hessians. Geez, it's like Reichert deliberately picked every non-relevant example from American history and threw it in a blender. Threw in a reference to Osama bin Laden for good measure.

Reichert wasn't in Congress when the war in Iraq started, as he repeatedly mentions. But he owns this war now just as much as Shrub.

He'll pay for this in 2008, and the Seattle Times editorial board won' be able to bail him out. But at least he is finished "investigating."

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