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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I, Jellyfish

So nice to see other activists attacking a senator who voted against the war.
Rep. Inslee and Sen. Murray should be sent Spineless Citations for lobbying against citizens using their Constitutional right to enforce a check on executive authority, and provide a level of executive accountability that they themselves have been unwilling to initiate. Shame on them.

And shame on the entire US Congress for allowing the disaster in Iraq in the first place, then funding it year after year. This is Washington State business because it has cost Washington State dearly in priceless lives and at least 9.6 billion dollars (National Priorities Project).
Seriously, what is this? We should just arrest the entire Democratic Congress because they're not obsessed with impeaching Bush? Anyone who isn't mindlessly bent on a relentless pursuit of justice is somehow spineless?

But it's good to know that your backbone is so superior to us jellyfish. Have fun with your giant puppets 'n stuff. I wrote a chant for you:
Hey hey, ho ho, stupid chants have got to go
So do you use acrylic paint or tempera paint on the giant puppets, and if the latter, what happens when it rains?

The American people expect Democrats to start cleaning up the mess left by the Bush administration and the right wing agenda.

We can't do that if we are blindly fixated on trying to oust the lame duck residents of the White House and Number One Observatory Circle.

Can your giant puppets vote? More to the point, are you just clueless about the American politics or does your moral superiority somehow exempt you from dealing with it? Just wonderin'.

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