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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today in Democratic real estate transactions

From tomorrow's Washington Post comes word that John Edwards sold a house to some people who might not be so nice, or so it is alleged. There's no actual evidence that Edwards knew much at all about the buyers, who seem to be the ones who wanted their identities concealed.

As anyone who has ever purchased or sold a house knows, most real estate agents try to keep the parties apart as much as possible. That way it's all business, or so the theory goes. But I am shocked by the story, because it didn't deserve much coverage, and certainly not page A1.

This in a town where a GOP Congressman had a yacht but no clear means to purchase one and apparently that really didn't cause much concern. Time to review The Clinton Rules, which aren't so much a set of rules as a pattern of press conduct. Let's hope Edwards doesn't decide to make his yard bigger.

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