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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Semi-tough conference call

Adam Wilson's blog at The Olympian reports on a conference call held yesterday by House Republican leaders. According to Wilson, liberal bloggers and regular reporters were invited to call in, but it sounds like not too many folks other than Wilson and a few conservative bloggers got the word. One of the GOP leaders on the line was Rep. Doug Ericksen of Ferndale.
The Olympian was the only member of the mainstream [traditional] press to chime in to a conference call with House Republican leaders this morning, joining three conservative bloggers.


For instance, a blogger from Island County named Mike rapped with Ericksen about automatic versus semi-automatic guns before things got going.

“There’s a couple of bills in the hopper that are ugly, to say the least,” said Mike.

“I think everybody aught to access to those automatic weapons,” said Ericksen, explaining he didn’t think they are any more dangerous than a semi-auto.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. As everyone knows, it's all about the hunting and it's hard to hit a deer from an SUV while on semi-auto.

Our side should really do some conference calls with bloggers. (Or maybe we do and nobody tells me?) It'll be fun. I'd really like to discuss my mandatory gay marriage proposal with Democratic leadership, on the record, with reporters listening. Hello? My access code seems to be wrong.

UPDATE-- A humor-impaired commenter takes offense at my hyperbole regarding SB 5185, to which I link above. Too bad. You don't give Pam Roach a gun AND an off road vehicle, think of the humanity.

Conservatives just have no sense of humor at all sometimes.

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