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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pacific NW hit with yet another snowstorm

It's snowing in many areas of the Northwest this morning, especially in the corridors along the I-5 metro corridor. There are more school and road closures and garbage collection has been postponed for some neighborhoods.

WSDOT has an advisory for motorists:
Winter weather has again made an appearance during commute hours and WSDOT crews are out clearing roads and helping drivers. While no major traffic collisions have been reported this morning, traffic is moving slowly on all major routes. If you must drive, prepare for a long commute.

WSDOT has more than 200 vehicles fighting snow and ice on Western Washington highways and freeways, including snow plows, deicers, sanders, and dump trucks. Crews have been out since early today applying deicer throughout the region, and continue to de-ice with liquid, sand and salt. If drivers see plow trucks, allow them room to work.

Temperatures are dropping throughout the Puget Sound region and drivers are encouraged to consider adjusting their schedule. Weather forecasts indicate the snow should decrease by 10 a.m., but wet roads could freeze during overnight hours.

Crews are concentrating on the major routes first as these lanes move the most traffic. Drivers are advised to use extra caution on all roads this morning.
Pacific NW Portal's Winter Weather Preparedness section provides access to forecasts, traffic cameras, weather bulletins, and tips for protecting your home and vehicle from the elements.

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