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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Get real

You knew this would happen. From The Washington Post:
House Republicans have begun to complain that Democrats are backing away from their promise to work cooperatively. They are working on their own strategy for the first 100 hours, and part of it is built on the idea that they might be able to break the Democrats' slender majority by wooing away some conservative Democrats.
Yes, what Democrats must do is compromise, compromise, compromise - or we'll be seeing stories and columns about how Democrats are not playing nice.

I don't know a lot about Nancy Pelosi, but she doesn't strike me as stupid. I'm going to make a bold prediction and state that Pelosi is a lot tougher than people might think. So, nice try, but give us a call when you get real.

Here it is January 2nd and my New Year's wish is for a media that doesn't always have a Pavlovian response when the Republican Noise Machine goes into full spin. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked.

Remember, Blue Dress equals Watergate and Front Yard equals Duke Cunningham. Today's corollary - Passing Bills equals The K Street Project.

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