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Monday, January 22, 2007

Expect the Orwellian in State of the Union

George W. Bush will appear before Congress tomorrow evening to give the annual State of the Union speech, and we'll be following it live here on the Official Blog with updates, observations, and analysis.

Expect to hear a lot of empty rhetoric that sounds good on delivery but won't be backed up with any kind of subsequent action. In other words...expect the Orwellian. For example, Bush's speech writers love to insert language about investing in renewable energy, but this is never followed by any meaningful investment.

The Center for American Progress provided evidence for such an observation this morning when it referenced an article from the conservative Washington Times which noted that "of the 12 initiatives that he proposed or called on Congress to pass in 2006, the White House can claim complete success on just three." (And that was with Republican control of both chambers!)

The Center's four part series on the State of the Union is available through the following links: Environment, National Security, Healthcare, and Economy.

Finally, don't be surprised if Joe Lieberman is mentioned when Bush talks about "bipartisanship" and assume you'll be hearing some defense of the administration's escalation policy, and perhaps an answer to the House Democrats' successful "100 Hours" agenda, which has put the administration and Republicans on the defensive.

Jim Webb will deliver the Democratic response after Bush has spoken. Fellow Virginian Tim Kaine (who was elected Governor in 2005) had the honor of responding last year.

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