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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dwight Pelz reelected as Chair of the Washington State Democrats

I'm live at the state party reorganization meeting in Olympia, where just moments ago (with no opposition) Chairman Dwight Pelz was unanimously reelected as the leader of the Washington State Democratic Party by vote of acclamation. He received a standing ovation from the audience. Newly reelected Chairman Pelz thanked the Central Committee and touted the party's successes in 2006.

I'll update this post with the full slate of officers elected at this meeting shortly.

UPDATE: There is a competitive race for Vice Chair - Eileen Macoll, the current VC, is being challenged by Rosalinda Guillen. I'll post on the outcome of this race as soon as the votes are counted, tallied, and announced.

UPDATE II: This is not related to the Democratic meeting, but Luke Esser has reportedly just been elected the new Chairman of the State Republican Party. The vote of their Central Committee was 71-43. Defeated Chairwoman Diane Tebelius immediately left the meeting as Esser took over. As of this update (2:29 PM) he's still presiding over the Republicans' meeting in Tukwila.

UPDATE III: Macoll has been reelected, 86 to 68.

UPDATE IV: Also semi-unrelated: David Postman, who is in Tukwila, reports that Doug Roulstone told him that he and the GOP candidates in the 1st, 3rd and 9th congressional districts for the 2006 midterms have committed to running again. They would be challenging Reps. Larsen, Inslee, Baird, and Smith, respectively.

UPDATE V: Luis Moscoco, the current Secretary of the Party, is being challenged by the President of the State Young Democrats, Krystal Wood. The tally committee is counting the votes in this race and we're waiting to hear the outcome.

UPDATE VI: Luis Moscoco has been reelected, 107 to 49. Chairman Pelz also announced the election of Luke Esser to the Democratic Central Committee.

UPDATE VII: Habib Habib has been unanimously reelected as Treasurer. The rest of the meeting is just party business (like reports from committees, the chair, DNC representatives, the raffle, etc.)

So the slate of officers remains unchanged: Dwight Pelz, Chair, Eileen Macoll, Vice Chair, Luis Moscoco, Secretary, and Habib Habib, Treasurer.

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