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Monday, January 22, 2007

Bill expanding high school completion programs passes the state House

Congratulations to Representative Dave Upthegrove and all who lobbied in support of House Bill 1051, which opens pathways to higher education for many students who might otherwise become discouraged and drop out. The bill passed the House of Representatives today, 73 to 21 (see the roll call).

Here's a more detailed analysis of the bill from legislative staff:
Finds that the state's commitment to providing a basic education for all public school students under the age of twenty-one should continue until a student earns a diploma.

Therefore the legislature intends to expand high school completion programs at community and technical colleges for older students who have not yet received a diploma but are eligible for state basic education support.

Provides that, in accordance with this act, each community or technical college shall make available courses or a program of study, on the college campus, designed to enable students under the age of twenty-one who have completed all state and local high school graduation requirements except the certificate of academic achievement or certificate of individual achievement to complete their high school education and obtain a high school diploma.
HB 1051 now moves on to the state Senate for consideration.

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