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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baird to appear on The Colbert Report

Brian Baird will be on the The Colbert Report tomorrow night as part of the show's on-going bit "Know a District." From ScrippsNews:
It's not exactly the WWF Smackdown of comedy.

But Wednesday night, Rep. Brian Baird, D-Wash., tangles with funnyman Stephen Colbert. During taping last month the two sparred over everything from Rorschach tests to Willapa Bay oysters, from Chilean raspberries to the Vancouver Sausage Fest and Mount St. Helens.

Baird is no stranger to comedy. He rode a wicked imitation of President Bush to the title of "Funniest Celebrity in Washington" in 2005. Colbert with his nightly "Colbert Report" has developed a cult following among Gen-Xers with his general snarkiness and sarcastic wit on cable television's Comedy Central network.
Thank goodness Enumclaw is not in the 3rd District.

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