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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Associated Press disappoints again

Veteran political reporter David Ammons is apparently so bored down in Olympia that all he can think to write about is how much money Tim Eyman made this year from his compensation fund:
Tim Eyman and his initiative partners will share a salary fund of more than $173,000 for their 2006 efforts, even though they failed to qualify for the ballot last year.

Eyman said Wednesday that he and Jack and Mike Fagan, a father-son duo from Spokane who help run the conservative-leaning initiative factory, will split the money that contributors mailed to a compensation fund.

Eyman, the frontman and ubiquitous media personality who also runs a fraternity watch business from his Mukilteo home, will get $86,743. The Fagans each will get $43,367.
Seriously....what is wrong with the AP's Olympia bureau?

This is beyond ridiculous. It shouldn't have been put on the wire. Washingtonians don't care how much money Tim Eyman and his pals got from multimillionaire Michael Dunmire and a few other select wealthy wingnuts over the last six months.

Eyman does this every year. He asks his supporters for money. He gets a big fat check from somebody like Dunmire. Handsome compensation for failure. This has been happening annually for years. It is simply not news! Who cares about this? Answer: Almost no one.

I wasn't even going to write about this until I saw the AP headline and sighed in exasperation. And indeed, we could write something every time Eyman sends an email out or makes a comment, but we don't.

Just because Tim Eyman wants to announce something doesn't mean it is news. This is the second time this week the AP has done this. They are dropping fast on the Seattle Times Company® Scale of Embarrassment™.

We want to respect and like the AP. But with nonsense like this, it's hard to.

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