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Monday, January 29, 2007

Accessing the archives

Most of the maintenance is now complete. We didn't disturb 99% of the archives during our site construction work, so permalinks should continue to resolve without a problem. We've basically "reset" the index page of the blog, so you won't be able to see posts previously published before today on this page.

The monthly archives on this page have consequently been reset as well, so only January 2007 currently shows up on the sidebar. However, as mentioned previously, none of the archives have been deleted.

Old links from other sites and domains will continue to work, and you can access everything published up till today on the new permanent archive page. (We'll be adding a link to this page to our sidebar shortly). All preexisting pages retain the old archive structure and have not been reset.

This "reset", which is the best word I can think of to describe what we're doing - because the result is a new main page and a split in the archives - is for a temporary period of time only, while we work on stability issues.

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