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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We have the power...finally

Puget Sound Energy has at long last restored power to headquarters. My home office is thankfully warm and cozy again...and there is power to run the computers, telephone, and fax machine, which I'm truly thankful for.

Residential Redmond now looks much more inviting, with houses cheerily lit up by holiday lights (or Christmas lights if you prefer. I'm starting to take a liking to seasonal lights, though).

If your power isn't back yet, rest assured that PSE is working on it. This storm has had them really spread out and thin, and there are so many broken parts in the lines that restoring customers' power has simply not been an easy task.

If you have Internet access through your phone line or the cell network and you can read this post, or if you're researching for friends and family from a neighboring community or out of state, follow this link to see updates on power restoration.

You may also call 1-888-225-5773 (select menu option #1) for outage information.

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