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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Republican Noise Machine goes into emergency attack mode across the U.S.

Republican pundits and partisan media hacks across the country have gone into a collective emergency attack mode in response to yesterday's release of the Iraq Study Group report. For instance:
  • FOX, otherwise known as the official Bush Echo Chamber(TM) tried to go after NBC News journalist David Gregory for pressing White House mouthpiece Tony Snow on the administration's Orwellian doublethink.
  • The New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, ran a silly, completely ridiculous headline on its front page: SURRENDER MONKEYS. Yes, because withdrawing from Iraq and giving that country back to its own people is surrendering to the terrorists!
  • Rush Limbaugh and his dittohead clones denounced the Iraq Study Group report on their radio talk shows and vilified the commission and its members, even though none of them were prominent prewar critics and even though many of them are friends of Bush.
Meanwhile, Media Matters for America has identified six findings in the Iraq Study Group's report that major news outlets have largely overlooked.

They include: that the Pentagon has significantly underreported the extent of violence in Iraq, that U.S. officials possess little knowledge about the sources of the ongoing attacks, and that the situation in Afghanistan has grown so dire that U.S. troops may need to be diverted there from Iraq.

Media Matters also has a recap of another right wing talking point now being employed: that the fiasco in Iraq is the fault of...believe it or not...the Iraqis.

Republicans and the administration are trying to revise history, but we sure aren't going to let them. Right wing propaganda needs to be harshly dismissed and refuted. Reframing has never been so important.

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