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Monday, December 18, 2006

A nice story

Seeing as it's the holiday season, it's nice to read this Olympian article about folks hanging together through the power outages by making dinner for others.
Peggy and Don cooked a camp-stove stew for six with the last of their propane on the deck of their Tumwater Hill apartment.

Don held the flashlight and passed the salt; Peggy stirred and added spices.

“I’m putting in ground beef, canned tomatoes, some rice, some veggies — anything warm and filling,” Peggy said. The Lewellens moved a month ago from Vermont to be greeted with a snow storm, record rainfall and now a power outage. But they’re resourceful — the type to carry extra sleeping bags in their car.

“They’re very practical individuals. They’re from Vermont, where it snows a lot,” said Bonnie Dillabough.

The Lewellens moved to help with the Jan. 1 launch of Olympia-based PodStar Network, a worldwide pod casting company that Dillabough founded. They’ve spent their dark days doing what work they could and scouring stores for necessities such as propane, firewood and flashlights. They moved perishable items outside, where the near-freezing temperatures will keep them fresh.
It's a small story, but a nice one. It's the kind of thing that will be talked about in that neighborhood for years.

Despite our political differences, Americans can be amazingly kind. I know that any of my neighbors would do whatever they could to help out my family, and the reverse is true. We all may have different views, but in the end, we'll pull together.

The power outage story has faded somewhat from the national media, but clearly a lot of people in our region remain cold, tired and understandably in some cases, cranky. Here's hoping the certainly exhausted power crews can keep at it, and that many more folks get their power back by days end.

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