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Friday, November 10, 2006

Robo-call impact

Paul Kiel discusses the impact of the nasty GOP robo-calls in close races at TPM Muckraker. Short version--they probably had an impact.
In at least seven of those districts, the Democrat failed to unseat the incumbent by only a couple thousand votes. The NRCC's calls may have been the difference in those races.
My opinion is that the blasted things should be outlawed altogether. Indiana has done so, although they had to go to court to enforce it.

It's not freedom of speech to harass voters with computerized calls. While our side uses tamer, legal calls, if neither side could do it then the playing field is level. And really, we pay for our phone service, why should any politician be entitled to use it for their commercials?

Democrats in the Legislature should definitely consider a blanket ban on automated calling. Voters would thank them for it, and there would be one less potential dirty trick in the GOP/BIAW bag.

CLARIFICATION-- Obviously automated systems that perform a public safety or information function should be exempted, like school notifications and emergency warning systems.

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