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Friday, November 03, 2006

Reichert caught in flip-off fib

Yesterday I posted briefly about the bus driver who flipped off the president. I didn't think this story was that big of a deal, but it looks like I was wrong.

The story still has legs because Dave Reichert has multiple accounts of what happened. To summarize, Reichert either did or did not get a school bus driver fired for giving a one-finger salute to Dubya.

Postman gets the credit for blogging about it this morning. David Goldstein has weighed in as has Noemie Maxwell, sans blue language.

Noemie notices that the story has gone national on our side of the ball too. From TPM Cafe:
Reichert Caught In Lie About Driver Who Flipped Bird To Bush
One day after? One week after? Which is it? Taking Reichert at his own word, it looks as if Reichert did get the woman fired for giving the Prez the finger. We've checked in with the Reichert campaign to see if they can account for this, shall we say, inconsistency.
TPM Cafe has an audio link. Noemie rightly comments in her post at Washblog:
What's saddest to me about this sound file is how Reichert rouses the crowd to celebrate that the busdriver lost his job. President Bush got off scot-free for flipping off the media... And Cheney is allowed to say "F*** yourself" to Senator Patrick Lehey on the floor of the Senate. They don't get fired or even reprimanded for their scorn and dishonor of their offices and the whole country.
Indeed. Republicans cheering the destruction of someone's life is hardly new. That particular vicious tendency is why talk radio thrives on the right. Sure, it's maddening to be flipped off, but it happens.

Sometimes you wonder how some Republicans manage to drive around in cars. Do they make sure anyone who honks at them loses their job? What plans do they have for people who put 15 items in the 14 item express check-out at the grocery store?

It's quite simple, really. If you don't shut up, you are an enemy to be destroyed. Ask former general Eric K. Shinseki what happens if you disagree with the GOP. Or any of dozens of other high-profile figures who have been smeared.

Now the power of a Congressman may have been used to exact revenge upon an average citizen. That is not acceptable in America, even if the gesture was a crude one.

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