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Friday, November 10, 2006

The pragmatist's view of impeachment

In the aftermath of the Democratic victory on Tuesday, talk radio -- progressive talk radio, anyway -- has been dominated by cries for impeachment.

It was taken "off the table" by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the Democratic leadership. This is an outrage to patriots and other ardent fans of the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

As a pragmatist, I support fellow activists in their determination to see justice done and principle dominate. As a pragmatist, I also support the Democratic leadership in taking impeachment "off the table." Yes, I can have it both ways. Let me offer an explanation.
  1. Removing Bush from office leaves Dick Cheney in charge. (Feel that chill?)

  2. Impeaching the two together would be like Nuremburg goes to Hollywood.

  3. Not taking it off the table in DC means that's all any of the press will want to talk about. Taking it off the table means if the press wants to talk about it, they will have to talk to activists and outraged citizens.

  4. Placing the Democratic leadership between Bush and the lynch mob will stimulate a certain amount of attention by Dubya to the Dem's agenda.

  5. Action on the Democratic agenda means an end to Republican relevance. The public will see who gets things done, who protects them, who listens to them, and who they can trust.

  6. Problems of climate change, health care, world poverty, social security, debt, and the economy need the Democrats' attention to solve.

  7. Corruption is pervasive. Focusing on impeaching Bush gives the Republicans the king of scapegoats. With Bush off the table, we could start with Cheney, Halliburton, the House (including the highly culpable Doc Hastings), and the rest. Look at what happened to the GOP when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton. Even if Dubya deserves impeachment, that doesn't mean it's what we should pursue. We want to be about wise governance, not getting even.

  8. Off what table? The case for impeachment dot org could be the next great web site. As the crimes and misdemeanors come out in official testimony -- and God help the first man to plead the Fifth -- the groundswell will grow. Determined people and the enough revelations will find a table. If the groundswell grows, it grows.

  9. If the case is forced night after night, either by the activists or in hearings or public debates of another type, the public will get to see Pelosi, Dubya and the Shooter juxtaposed. And that's a good thing.
This organization has confidence that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can trailblaze a successful path to a stronger America and a stronger legislative branch. They can ensure that we will in a good position to make the case to the American people that the Democratic majority should be expanded in 2008.

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