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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The people have spoken: we are the majority

With James Webb's victory in Virginia (media outlets are now calling the race for him) Democrats have swept Republicans out of the majority in both houses of Congress, captured a majority of the governorships, made inroads in state legislatures, and put an end to numerous, regressive right wing ballot measures across the country.

The Democratic Party is the majority party now. The people have spoken. The voters have decided. Corrupt Republican one party rule of the United States is over. The conservative agenda is firmly repudiated. Voters have once again embraced progressive values - our finest traditional values.

America is waking up.

America is electing leaders who are committed to the fundamental principles that have made our nation great. Fairness, opportunity, prosperity, open two-way communication, honesty, cooperation, and service to our community.

We all deserve clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, access to a college education, the right to quality healthcare, a living wage, and policies that protect our people and our communities. That's what Democrats will fight for. Democrats are also going to clean up Washington, D.C. and end the widespread corruption that has plagued our nation's capitol.

Democrats have a plan to get this country back on track. The voters have trusted our party to govern, and that's exactly what Democrats intend to do. Govern wisely, fairly, carefully, and honestly.

Today begins a new era in our country. Decades from now it will be remembered as a day when the cover of Republican darkness was broken.

So let the light be free. Let our democracy be liberated and strengthened.

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