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Thursday, November 30, 2006

LIVE from the SCL: Seattle Times owner complains about consolidation

Well, the FCC hearing has kicked off and Seattle Times owner Frank Blethen was the first to speak. Blethen, who was politely welcomed, used most of his time to complain about consolidation and centralization of media in America, and grumble about "the powerful who co-opt the free press". Indeed.

As he droned on and on I found it hard to restrain myself from chuckling, for here is a man who seems bent on turning Seattle into a one newspaper-town by putting the Seattle P-I out of business.

Here is a man who has directed his editorial board to endorse only Republicans for federal office in this year's midterm elections. And isn't it interesting that most Republicans, unlike Frank Blethen, don't seem to care about doing anything about media consolidation.

But unfortunately Blethen will put his concerns on this issue aside so long as a candidate meets one simple litmus test: repeal of the estate tax. Mr. Blethen needs to learn that you can't be taken seriously when you have a double standard.

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