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Friday, November 10, 2006

Dunn pulls into lead in 17th LD

As we head into the weekend, here's a quick update on a Clark County legislative race we've been tracking. Unfortunately, it looks like Democrat Pat Campbell will likely not make it. From The Columbian:
Republican incumbent Rep. Jim Dunn pulled ahead of Democrat Pat Campbell in the latest election returns and appeared to have won another term representing the 17th Legislative District.

With 36,202 votes counted in the race as of Friday and only about 800 still to be tallied, Dunn had a 308-vote lead over Campbell, a retired corrections officer who raised $189 for his campaign.

“We’ll live with what the result is,” Campbell said.

The campaign, his third run for the Legislature, likely will be his last, he said.

“I have lots of other things to do. I have a grandson. Fridays are my grandson days. I think I’ve done my public service at this point,” he said with a laugh.

“I’ve really enjoyed this race,” he added. “I’ve been in touch with some real decent people who gave me some insight into what people are thinking. Some of them probably changed my thinking more than they’ll ever know.”

Dunn declined comment.
Dunn is winning and he won't even mouth a few platitudes? That's pretty sad. But not as sad as the prospects of a Republican passing a bill.

There is, however, one last chance for me to excerpt this. It's part of Campbell's answer to a Lifepac questionnaire:
13. Will you work to legislate substantially greater emphasis on abstinence education in Washington public schools?

No. Abstinence based education is generally the norm now and works to an extent. We need to supplement it with practical medical based education as well. After all, the Army I was in didn't address this area with just Character Guidance classes by Chaplain Roy. First Sergeant Snarley gave rather graphic supplemental demonstrations of how to equip a broom stick with a condom. I would guess that what First Sergeant Snarley explained to us had at least the same amount of effectiveness as what Pastor Roy counseled.
I think Campbell would have made a great legislator.

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