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Monday, November 13, 2006

Despite Reichert's lead, it's still not over

Dave Reichert widened his lead over Darcy Burner this evening with a significant increase in votes, and took over the lead in King County by just a handful of votes.

Reichert's campaign is reportedly declaring victory and traditional media outlets are falling over each in other in the rush to agree. We'll stay out of that spectacle, though, and maintain our position: this race has been close since Election Night, and it would be premature to jump to any conclusions until all, or almost all, of the votes have been processed and counted.

There's no reason and no need for Darcy Burner to concede. We don't know for a fact that Dave Reichert is the winner. Certainly things have been trending his way, but that is what Slade Gorton thought for days and days and days after Election Day in his battle against Maria Cantwell.

In that statewide race, Gorton ended up seeing his seemingly cushy 18,000+ margin evaporate overnight. And furthermore, Cantwell later ended up surpassing him once the last batches of ballots had been counted and reported.

Reichert would undoubtedly love for the count to stop now. But it's not going to. Let's see what the remaining voters whose voices have not been heard yet have to say. Then we'll know whether Reichert has narrowly escaped from a strong challenge or whether he has amazingly and surprisingly fallen victim to a people powered movement to oust him.

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