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Friday, November 03, 2006

Dave Reichert gets himself in trouble again

As election day draws year, Dave Reichert's campaign is struggling mightily to make a good showing as it crosses the finish line - whether that be first or second.

As already noted by our staff, today Reichert's habit of relating silly, rambling anecdotes to friendly Republican crowds is coming back to haunt him.

The state Democratic Party has released an audiotape which shows Reichert caught in a Tim Eyman - in other words, he's now in a situation where it can be proven he's given two different accounts of the same story, using different facts.

One of them must be either way, Reichert is lying.

This isn't the first time Reichert's gone shooting off his mouth, either.

I've said before that Reichert is a lying hypocrite, and he is. But dustups like these are funny because there's no way way to defend yourself. It'll be interesting to see if the cabal at unSoundPolitics can think of any excuses. The King County Republicans could only manage this:
Michael Young, chairman of the King County GOP, said he could not confirm the authenticity of the recording. But he said if it is authentic, it is a "protected communication."

"I'm surprised. If they have a purloined copy, they need to surrender it right away," Young said.
Oh, please. Whether you agree with Young or not...since when have Republicans cared about privacy? You mean like how our phone conversations are supposed to be "protected communication"?

How about we get rid of that domestic spying program?

This is the IOKIYAR principle in action - It's OK If You're A Republican.

Reichert's campaign hasn't yet thought of anything:
Cadena did not immediately return a phone call or an e-mail seeking comment Friday.
That's funny. Sources tell us that Cadena has sent out three press releases today for the Reichert campaign - one of them a correction to an earlier release - so she must be around.

The first release screams at Darcy Burner for not condemning advertising her campaign is not responsible for. The second accuses her of wanting to raise taxes (big surprise) and the third release is a correction to the second.

Perhaps if Dave Reichert actually talked about the issues that matter, as he said he wanted to do two years ago when he first ran for Congress, he wouldn't be in the rotten position he's in now.

But that's not our problem. We urge voters to cast an emphatic vote for the only sensible choice in this race - Darcy Burner.

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