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Saturday, November 11, 2006

A conservative tautology in D minor

Note-Before this week ends, I thought it would be helpful to review just what a terrible week this was for progressives. I have summarized how this is so using conservative logic culled from a variety of sources. Any resemblance between this post and writings appearing on conservative blogs, living or dead, is strictly coincidence.

Before the election, all Democrats were too liberal. After the election, the Democrats who won are conservative, and despite a host of progressive ballot issue wins, conservative ballot issues did better because they are conservative.

Progressive Democrats don't understand what has happened, because they are not conservative, so they probably won't get jobs from the conservative Democrats. The Democratic Party is a mirror image of the Republican Party and any deviation from accepted ideology (conservatism) will result in banishment. That is the conservative way.

Conservative Democrats will thrust progressives aside, because that's what conservatives do. In the end, conservatism will win out, because real conservatives will go back to the real conservatism of Ronald Reagan, who was really conservative. Unlike George W. Bush, who was never really conservative, we just supported him because he said he was conservative.

Sadly, progressive Democrats don't understand the world. Specifically, they don't understand economics, which is conservative, nor military strategy, which is conservative, nor do they understand regular people, who are conservative because they elected conservative Democrats and voted for conservative ballot issues.

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