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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yakima Herald: we think McGavick is a McCain

OK, so you figured that The Yakima Herald-Republic would endorse Mike McGavick. It's not that bad of an editorial; they point out some nice things about Cantwell and are not mean-spirited in the least.

But one line really highlights just what kind of strange fictions take hold in media narratives, and how people regurgitate them without seeming to think them through:
Bottom line: We'd like to see a John McCain style of independent Republican going to the Senate from Washington state.
(Slapping forehead.) Oy.

John McCain is about as independent as my potted ficus.

McCain could have been independent and tried to stop the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq. You know, not because he's a terrorist-coddler, but because it would have been the right thing for a patriot to do. But he didn't.

McCain could have forced a real debate about habeas corpus, instead of engaging in kabuki theater over the issue. And not because he's a terrorist-coddler concerned about the rights of terrorists, but because it's kind of hard to "spread democracy" when innocent taxi drivers and farmers wind up in a gulag-style system. Instead, McCain pretended to have a debate with the White House, then crowed as hundreds of years of Western legal thought were flushed down the toilet.

So editorial boards should spare readers the silliness of "Republican independence." There is no such thing. McGavick, even if he wanted to, won't be able to buck the top-down Rovian hierarchy of the Republican Party. If they won't listen to him now, why would they listen to him later?

MORE-- The (Tacoma) News-Tribune has endorsed Cantwell.

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