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Monday, October 30, 2006

The War on Halloween

So I'm cooking dinner earlier this evening, and the phone rings. It was the automated calling system at my daughter's school calling with "an important message-please hold."
This is (your daughter's school) calling with an important reminder. No Halloween costumes are allowed at school for any reason. Thank you for your cooperation.
Yeah, I'm sure it's a "student safety issue." Or a "learning environment issue." I doubt the school district got tired of dealing with lunatic fundamentalists who turn off all their lights and hide in their bedrooms every Oct. 31. You never know when the forces of Satan, in the form of my daughter wearing a Winx Club costume, might burst throught their doors demanding human sacrifice.

Do Republicans have to ruin everything? They already made it impossible to listen to the ballgame on the radio with the TV on, thanks to their fear of nipples.

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