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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A vote to put America back on the right track

Oh, how I love absentee voting:
  1. I'm done already! Now I can volunteer for my favorite candidates GOTV efforts on election day without worrying about how I'm going to get myself to the polls.
  2. Guaranteed paper trail! With all that's been written about Diebold's degree of broken-ness and general evil, I find the paper trail comforting.
  3. Nobody looks at me funny when I take pictures of my ballot. :)

That's my vote for Darcy Burner over her useless waste-of-hairspray opponent. May it be the first in a very long series of similar votes!

P.S. Dave, perhaps if you hadn't voted to make my family less safe with your anti-consumer vote on the Nat'l Uniformity for Food Act, or if you had deigned to explain your vote like I asked you to, or if you had actually made any progress on 9/11 Commission recommendations in your subcommittee rather than stonewalling them, or if you hadn't voted against Habeas Corpus, or if you hadn't made so many damn votes antithetical to commonsense notions of supporting the rule of law, votes that run counter to what one would expect from a career law enforcer, then perhaps I'd have something nicer to call you than a useless waste of hairspray.
But you didn't, and I don't, and I'm just incredibly thankful to have a serious, committed, honest and honorable person to vote for instead of you.

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