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Thursday, October 12, 2006

US House polling results - landslide in the making

Via Daily Kos comes this PDF file of polling results in US House races from Constituent Dynamics "Majority Watch."

Chris Bowers at MyDD calls it a "looming Democratic landslide." Yeah, yeah, don't count your chickens and all that, but in the fourth quarter would you rather be ahead or behind? It's pretty clear Democrats are poised to take the House.

And in WA-08, Darcy Burner (D) and incumbent Dave Reichert (R) are still tied. With a margin of error of 3 points, Reichert polled at 48% and Burner at 45% in polling done October 8th-10th. The last poll listed by Majority Watch, conducted Aug. 27-29, was also within the margin of error. That one had Burner at 49% and Reichert at 46%.

It's worth noting that this latest poll would have been completed before the Burner-Reichert debate aired last night, so how people view that debate may be critical. My own take is that Burner proved she belonged on the stage (and how!) but Reichert did okay as well, playing to his strengths. This thing will likely go down to the wire.

MORE -- Daily Kos now has a nice chart up, for the PDF-adverse.

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