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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Space Cowboy

In case US Middle East policy wasn't quite belligerent enough, the Bush Administration has asserted its right to blow you out of orbit if you obstruct American interests in space. It's a chicken-egg argument: Why would they assert the right to attack without the means to do so? Or why mention space at all as an American interest?

We're well aware that W wants to conquer Mars and militarize NASA, but this latest assertion brings speculation that pre-emptive strikes in sovereign desert nations might give way to cosmic body-checks in space. The arrogance, the hubris of such a policy is stunning, of course, but this is the President who just took us back to pre-Magna Carta England by signing the Military Commissions Act into law.

If this policy assertion weren't actually happening, it might provide comic relief to imagine Bush and Cheney in a bunker somewhere, swinging plastic light sabers in their black cloaks. All I can muster is a hollow chuckle, at best.

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