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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Six for '06: Priorities for All Americans, Not Just the Privileged Few

Rahm Emanuel is in town today to support Darcy Burner's campaign and stress what Democrats are going to do if they become the majority party in Congress in the November 7th midterm elections.

Rahm appeared with Darcy Burner and Congressman Adam Smith this morning to discuss the Democrats' Six for 2006 plan, which is a simple set of values and priorities to make America a better country.

Democrats believe that America needs - and Americans deserve - a new direction that provides security, prosperity, and opportunity for all.
  • Real Security - At Home and Overseas
  • Prospertity - Better American Jobs, Better Pay
  • Opportunity - College Access For All
  • Energy Independence - Lower Gas Prices
  • Affordable Health Care - Life-Saving Science
  • Retirement Security And Dignity
Adam Smith spoke first about a Republican majority that is bankrupt of ideas, save one - the idea of clinging on to power - and described Darcy as perfect fit for her district. Emanuel praised Darcy's performance in Tuesday night's debate as well as her track record of fundraising success and the aggressive grassroots campaign she's put together.

Darcy was sharp and eloquent as usual, and talked about her campaign of change and her vision for a new Congress - one that works for the American people, not special interests.

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