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Monday, October 16, 2006

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman angered by McGavick's comments

It seems Mike McGavick tried to stretch the truth a little too far:
Mike McGavick, a Republican waging an uphill race for the Senate, called Monday for the replacement of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the creation of a bipartisan panel to propose new directions for the Iraq war. But the plan drew a quick response from Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner, R-Va., who took issue with McGavick's implication that he supported it.

McGavick said he had talked about his ideas with Warner and Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., on Monday following their recent criticism of the administration's handling of the war.

"Senators Warner and Hagel have articulated exactly what the American people are thinking that things are not getting better in Iraq and a course correction is needed," McGavick said in a statement released by his campaign.

But Warner quickly distanced himself from McGavick's proposal.

"In our conversation, I shared with Mr. McGavick my views on the challenges that remain in Iraq," Warner said in a statement released by his Senate office. "I did not expand my views beyond the parameters of my prior public comments on the issue.

"Secretary Rumsfeld did not come up in any way in our conversation."
(Emphasis mine). Oops. Mike McGavick, like his fellow Rubber Stamp Republican Dave Reichert, is desperately trying to camouflage himself as a moderate and independent, hoping to make himself more appealing to voters.

They're pursuing this strategy because they both know that if they admit they support George W. Bush's agenda, they will lose. Washingtonians are tired of hearing this joke of a president telling them that we have to stay in Iraq, that civil liberties have to be sacrificed in the name of safety, and that Social Security should be privatized - among other misguided policies.

Republicans in Congress will not hold Bush accountable. They haven't for six years and they won't for the next two if they control the House and the Senate after this November's elections. That is why it is so critical that voters sweep the GOP out of power this November and give Democrats an opportunity to clear out the corrupt mess that is polluting Washington, D.C.

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