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Monday, October 30, 2006

Schram on the Street: No on I-933

One has to love this Ken Schram commentary about Initiative 933, the so-called property rights measure. (video link available at KOMO)

Schram says, in part:
First word that pops into my head about 933?


In a nutshell: If 933 passes, it forces the state to go along with just about anything a property owner wants, OR, pay the property owner for not being legally allowed to do it.

Estimated cost to taxpayers?

About $8 billion.

That's because if current laws don't allow the government to waive existing land-use restrictions and/or regulations, the government has no other choice but to change the law, or pay the landowner.

Did I mention that bill could be upwards of $8 billion?
Schram hit upon the key point: I-933 is inherently flawed because it would force local governments to pay huge claims even though they would be complying with state and federal law when enforcing land use and environmental laws.

Yeah, "disaster" about sums it up.

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