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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Robo-calls tied to NRCC in ID-01

Here's another clue about the Republican spoof robo-calls that are being used against Peter Goldmark's campaign in WA-05. From The National Journal's Technology Daily via Raw Story--
The article uses the example of Democrat Larry Grant, challenging Republican Bill Sali for the open Idaho 1st District seat. "Earlier this fall, complaints about automated calls swirled among potential voters who were receiving information about Grant by phone," writes Martinez.

"Some of the complaints were directed to Grant's office. Grant's campaign did not make the calls, though. The National Republican Congressional Committee has assumed responsibility for the robocalling operation, a move that the Grant campaign called a 'desperation measure' by the GOP."
It's not a secret that regular voters absolutely hate automated calls. One or two is not a big deal, but people in competitive districts and states tend to get slammed.

How pathetic is it that the NRCC has decided the best thing to do is pretend to be Democrats?

Automated calls have flown below the radar screen for too long. These kinds of tricks have no place in legitimate discourse, they exist only to confuse and anger voters. Hopefully there will be even more media attention on the calls in WA-05 in the coming days.

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