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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reichert skipped Mercer Forum

Dave Reichert didn't show up at a forum on Mercer Island last Wednesday, according to this article from the Mercer Island Reporter.
Many voters came in hopes of seeing Reichert. Several members of the audience approached the microphone and addressed the absent Congressman anyway.

``Mr. Reichert, why aren't you here?'' one voter asked.

Contacted after the forum, Kimberly Cardena, a spokesperson for Mr. Reichert's campaign said: ``Congressman Reichert was at a previously scheduled dinner.''

One woman asked the former sheriff in absentia to explain how he thinks it was wrong of Congress to intervene in the life of Terry Schiavo when he doesn't fight the Republican party's wish to interfere with the private relationship of women and their doctors or allow pharmacists not to fill legal prescriptions. Her question was met with applause.
Did anyone get a photo of the empty chair? Just wonderin'.

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