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Monday, October 16, 2006

Reichert is the best they have

MyDD has an interesting post up about the chairman of the NRCC:
Following reports that Reynolds knew of allegations that Mark Foley had made inappropriate advances on pages and former pages yet neglected to do anything about it, Reynolds released a disastrous television ad that likely only added fuel to the fire. Two recent polls, one from Zogby the other from RT Strategies, show Reynolds trailing his Democratic challenger, Jack Davis, by margins fo 15 points and 16 points, respectively.

And just last week, Reynolds no-showed on ABC's "This Week", a move that hardly instilled confidence. Now, Bob Novak (note the source and grab the appropriate grain of salt) is reporting that key Republicans are now effectively writing off Reynolds' chances at reelection.
I'll second the idea that a few grains, if not a box, of salt is in order when talking about Novak, but it's stunning that the head of the NRCC is in such deep trouble.

Still, having the head of the NRCC worried about his own re-election is priceless. As the crucial decisions are made about which races to continue to fund, a decision which is becoming more difficult by the day for Republicans, they'll likely face increasingly bad choices.

If you need proof, consider this. Dave Reichert, a freshman Congresscritter from a district that voted for John Kerry, is one of their best hopes. And he's facing a political newcomer in Darcy Burner who is not only unafraid, but willing to call him on the carpet for his support of the failed Iraq War policy and his other misdeeds.

So this lame, out of touch ex-Sheriff who mentions his "sheriffness" every ten seconds is the great hope of a continuing GOP majority? Ok then. Things must be damn tough around the country.

As things move along this week, with ballots being dropped, you can count on one thing: the tenor is going to get even more nasty in this race. The so called liberal media may try to claim both sides are responsible, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the most outrageous sort of negative ads coming from the GOP as they desperately try to cling to power

So everyone give a thought and a prayer, if you wish, to Darcy Burner. She's doing a fantastic job, and the pressure on her is immense. We all owe her a debt of gratitude. (Giving money isn't a bad idea, either!)

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