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Monday, October 30, 2006

Poll Watch: SurveyUSA on statewide races

SurveyUSA has released new polling today on statewide races and ballot measures for KING5. As usual, we recommend a grain of salt with poll results. Just because a poll shows a victory does not guarantee a victory will happen.

Turnout is critical. Contributing is important. Volunteering is everything.

With that in mind, here's a recap of the poll:
  • Senator Cantwell, as in other recent polls (like Mason-Dixon and Elway) continues to enjoy sizable lead over Mike McGavick, 54% to 41%.
  • Initiative 920, the right wing estate tax repeal, appears to be falling further and further behind. Voters just aren't going for that millionaire tax break.
  • Initiative 933 and the state Supreme Court race between Susan Owens and Stephen Johnson are tight. A huge number of voters are undecided about who should be justice, according to the poll. Just last month, however, Owens made a strong showing in the primary. Meanwhile, the opposition to I-933 is much greater than it was before - voter education efforts would seem to be paying off.
A detailed breakdown and complete crosstabs are available here. Remember - your energy and efforts will make the difference in the end.

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