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Monday, October 30, 2006

Poll Watch: Burner in tie, Goldmark close

The latest poll results from Constituent Dynamics' "Majority Watch" contain some encouraging news for a couple of Washington state Democratic candidates for the US House. Majority Watch has a handy clickable map that reveals all sorts of interesting information, for the poll junkies out there.

In hotly contested WA-08, Democratic challenger Darcy Burner remains in a statistical dead heat with incumbent Republican Dave Reichert. In polling done Oct. 24-26, Burner polls at 49% and Reichert comes in at 47%, within the margin of error of 3%.

The last Majority Watch poll, in early October, pegged Reichert at 48% and Burner at 45%, also within the margin of error.

Another close race is in WA-05, where Democrat Peter Goldmark is within 5 points of incumbent Republican Cathy McMorris. That polling was also done Oct. 24-26, and shows McMorris at 51% and Goldmark at 46%. The margin of error in that poll is also roughly 3%.

There was no previous Majority Watch poll in that race.

Momentum is the name of the game. If you live in either district, please consider volunteering to help, both of these races should be close.

Whether you're volunteering time, talents, or treasure, your help is needed in WA-08 and WA-05 - now.

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