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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

P-I slams I-920 again

Looks like the P-I is editorializing again about Initiative 920, the repeal of estate taxes on a relative few wealthy heirs.

Another No On I-920: The elite's inequity
The Seattle Times reported Sunday that Seattle developer Martin Selig has contributed nearly $1 million for the initiative campaign -- more than two-thirds of the money raised by the Committee to Abolish Washington State Estate Tax. Selig is in, let's just say, elite company -- people with multimillion-dollar estates. But he told The Times he's only looking out for the middle class.

Do you suppose this is the same middle class that will have to dig up new taxes worth at least $100 million to replace the estate tax funding public education (in an education funding system that's not exactly flush)?
The P-I wouldn't have to repeat itself if a certain newspaper company weren't being so downright obnoxious about the estate tax.

The fact that these newspaper owners and developers wish to deprive Washington students of education funding is lamentable.

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