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Monday, October 23, 2006

Owens-Johnson runoff is the last major judicial race to be decided

In their recent endorsement of Susan Owens to retain her seat in the WA Supreme Court, the Olympian pointed to Owens' experience and fairness on the bench, contrasting it to Stephen Johnson's record of partisan conservative voting during his years as a state senator in the 47th District.

Owens is the obvious and best choice for justice, and we urge readers to support her. But beware of propoganda - the BIAW has vowed to support Johnson as vigorously and profusely as it supported Judge Gerry Alexander's opponent during the September 19th elections.

The BIAW wants a court that serves the BIAW's interests.

Voters turned aside that attempt to buy the court; let's hope they do it again.

We endorsed Justice Owens for reelection back in August, and today we'd like to reemphasize that recommendation. Here again is a summary of our endorsements so far for federal and statewide office:
  • U.S. Senate: Maria Cantwell
  • U.S. House, 8th Congressional District: Darcy Burner
  • U.S. House, 4th Congressional District: Richard Wright
  • U.S. House, 5th Congressional District: Peter Goldmark
  • U.S. House, 1st Congressional District: Jay Inslee
  • U.S. House, 2nd Congressional District: Rick Larsen
  • U.S. House, 3rd Congressional District: Brian Baird
  • U.S. House, 6th Congressional District: Norm Dicks
  • U.S. House, 7th Congressional District: Jim McDermott
  • U.S. House, 9th Congressional District: Adam Smith
  • State Supreme Court: Susan Owens (previously endorsed in primary)
Justices Gerry Alexander and Tom Chambers were also previously endorsed in the primary, along with Judges Penoyar, Becker, and Quinn-Brintall, but they are unopposed in the general election, as their races were decided last month.

And a reminder that we have already released our positions for statewide intiatives on this November's ballot. Those positions are:
  • Initiative 920 - A resounding NO
  • Initiative 933 - A resounding NO
  • Initiative 937 - YES
See our 2006 ballot measures page for more information, including our rationale, the official description for each ballot measure, and links for additional information.

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