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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NRCC views WA-08 as a toss-up, NRSC has conceded victory to the Democrats

Chris Bowers at MyDD has somehow managed to get a hold of a seemingly outdated spreadsheet with the NRSC's and NRCC's top defensive races. "Outdated", because, as Markos notes:
And if they're dropping money into races outside of their top 48 most endangered, you know they are in serious trouble.
The NRSC considers Mike McGavick's candidacy a lost cause, while the 8th is considered a "toss-up." by the NRCC That's not from established observer's power rankings. This is the National Republican Campaign Committee.

They have said Darcy's not a serious candidate. Local Republican activists have confidently told us more than once that Darcy is no serious threat and that Reichert will be reelected. They were wrong.

The fight for Washington's 8th is one of the hottest in the nation. It will come down to the wire in the end - and that's why your help is needed to give Darcy Burner the edge she needs. Volunteer or contribute now. If you've already done so, if you've maxed out, if you've already volunteered - recruit ten friends to do so.

Think about it - what does a Democratic House mean to you?

What does a stronger Democratic congressional delegation mean to you?

Are you sick of "stay the course"? (Still the Bush administration's policy even if they're using a new catchphrase).

Are you tired of massive deficits, giveaways to big corporations, threats to Social Security and Medicare, the auctioning off of our public lands and natural resources? Want to put a stop to global warming? Want a plan for briging our troops home from Iraq? Wish that Bush would be held accountable?

Then contribute to the cause. Make a financial donation or volunteer. Then ask your friends to do the same. If winning the House means something to you, don't let these last two weeks slip by without taking action.

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