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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Network news coverage of Obama rally

Seattle's major network news stations all aired coverage of this morning's massive Democratic rally featuring Barack Obama during the leadoff segments of their newscasts. KOMO aired its report almost immediately after 5 PM, with KING and KIRO each respectively following suit shortly afterwards.

Pete of CoolAqua had expressed concern that KIRO TV was putting the number of attendees at only 500 people (which is incorrect) but in the five o'clock broadcast the correct figure was used by chief political reporter Essex Porter - two thousand plus attendees. The actual number was probably close to three thousand, as the gym was mostly standing room only and clearly filled with Democratic activists.

The reports from each station were surprisingly different - the footage and sound bites were certainly more diverse than you might expect. For example, KOMO's report included a clip from Obama's appearance on Northwest Afternoon where he discussed his political celebrity status.

CNN also sent a camera crew, but no word on when their report will air. If you have information to add, or want to post your take on the networks' coverage, please post a comment in the thread.

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