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Thursday, October 26, 2006

LIVE from BCC: Rally kicks off

I'm here at the spacious gymnasium of Bellevue Community College, where a massive Democratic rally is just kicking off. The building is practically filled to capacity - thousands are here to listen to Barack Obama, Darcy Burner, and Maria Cantwell.

But that's not all - our all star lineup also includes Congressmen Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott, along with Governor Christine Gregoire. We'll be hearing from them shortly. Currently we are hearing from Rodney Tom, one of three legislative candidates from the 48th District to address us. We just heard from Deb Eddy and Ross Hunter, who are the district's House candidates.

Each of them talked about the need for change in Congress, and stressed the importance of electing Darcy Burner.

Volunteers and Democratic faithful are everywhere. The press is here in force. Additionally, all of the Seattle area television stations have sent camera crews.

More on the way shortly....

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