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Thursday, October 26, 2006

LIVE from BCC: The Gov speaks!

Following Congressman Jay Inslee was our very own Governor Christine Gregoire, who was very warmly welcomed by the crowd of two thousand plus Democrats. The Gov is clearly in a fighting mood. Listening to hear speak is truly time well spent.

She echoed Congressmen Inslee and McDermott, focusing on GOTV, and emphasizing the strength of the Democratic ticket. Some excerpts from her speech:

"How does it sound to you...Congresswoman Darcy Burner?" (Loud cheers followed this one!) "She understands it's about our kids getting a decent opportunity... She understands it's about family wage jobs... She understands it's about standing up to the administration and saying 'we aren't going to take it anymore!'"

"We want someone to stand up and send a message - Northwest values are going to prevail in Washington D.C.

"You want to talk about backbone? Let's talk about the calcium in the backbone of Senator Maria Cantwell."

"I think the day has come. It's 1994 in reverse. We need Rodney Tom. We need Deb Eddy. We need Ross Hunter. We need to keep on moving forward."

Gregoire was on fire. She's just finishing her speech now and is introducing Darcy and Senators Obama and Cantwell. The signs are going up...the band is beginning to play a rousing high school marching song...the roar is reaching a feverish pitch.

Barack, Darcy, and Maria are walking up through the center aisle, shaking hands...the room is being lit up by hundreds of camera flashes. Gregoire is leading the cheering audience and clapping in time to the music.

They're at the stage entrance now...going up...the fun is about to begin.

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