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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Yesterday, I wrote about how Dave Reichert's campaign (and ostensibly his media consultant as well) created an ad that I said was "chock full of lies". In my post, I refuted the general theme of the ad, but didn't dig into the specific fabrications. I was hoping others would follow up, and indeed they have.

Darryl has a post at Hominid Views blasting Reichert & Co. for fabricating a quote from the Seattle Times (which was used in the ad - video here).
Just a few days ago the National Republican Congressional Committee released an anti-Burner ad that was both illogical and misinformed.

Now the Reichert campaign has released an ad in a similar vein. Here goes:
After weeks of Darcy Burner’s negative campaigning, the Seattle Times cried foul for falsely attacking Dave Reichert’s support of veterans.
The video cites this 9/24 article and quotes from the article, “Burner’s charges hurt by inaccuracies.”

The only problem is, that’s not what the article says! Nowhere does the article “cry foul” against Darcy. Instead, it reports that the Reichert campaign was “crying foul.”

In fact, the author, Jonathan Martin, doesn’t take a stand on who is correct and who is incorrect. What the article does say is, “[a]ds against both candidates contain inaccuracies” and prints pros and cons claimed by both campaigns. The print edition even sports the subtitle, “[c]laims by both sides are open to contention.”

The words “charges” and “hurt” don’t even appear in the article. You know, as in the quote “Burner’s charges hurt by ‘inaccuracies,’” a quote that they specifically attribute to the Seattle Times on 9/24/2006. The Seattle Times didn’t say any such thing.
Darryl goes on to respond and dissect other lies the Reichert campagin invented about Darcy (like the idea that she doesn't have the background or the experience to serve in a public office).

But this is certainly a big deal. This ad is beyond misleading. It is untruthful and shameless. Dave Reichert personally approved this ad to go on the air. It's now time for him to get a handle on his handlers and pull this ad.

Republicans say they believe in ethics and moral responsibility, but their actions are contradictory. Republicans clearly think the rules don't apply to them. That's why anyone can smell the stench of corruption coming out of both houses of Congress. America deserves better and the 8th District deserves better.

The Seattle Times has announced strict guidelines for the use of its materials in campaign advertising. They should let Dave Reichert know in short order that he has crossed an ethical boundary which shouldn't be crossed - and the paper should also demand the ad be pulled off the air.

UPDATE: David Postman reports that Reichert's campaign is "fixing" the ad.

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