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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Join me at BCC this Thursday

NPI readers, members, and supporters are invited to join me at Bellevue Community College this Thursday for a huge rally in support of Maria Cantwell and Darcy Burner. Both candidates will be there, along with Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Television crews and reporters are expected to be there in force.

Doors are supposed to open at 9 AM. Bellevue Community College is located at 3000 Landerholm Circle SE in south Bellevue, WA. The Eastgate Park and Ride is also conveniently located next door. Get there early.

If you are planning on coming - DO NOT come in your car. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that it would be a very bad idea.

The rally coincides with the time of day when parking conditions are the worst on campus. Odds are there will be NO PARKING AVAILABLE anywhere near the vicinity of the gym by the time you arrive.

Take it from someone who studies there.

Don't waste your time competing with BCC's students for parking places. Take Metro or Sound Transit and save yourself the headache. Use Google Transit to plan your trip to the campus and find the best route. I suggest plugging in Eastgate Park and Ride as your destination.

The volume is expected to be so high that the Cantwell campaign is looking into leasing other parking lots outside of campus for the morning and providing a shuttle. But forget about that. Take the bus instead, relax, and enjoy yourself.

BCC administrators and campus security, at my urging and the urging of other faculty and students, are thankfully taking the parking crisis and disruption very seriously.

Flyers have been posted throughout campus and a systemwide email alert was sent out to all BCC students earlier today warning them of the event and the impending parking nightmare. Metro buses are being routed to just outside of campus (normally, they pass through the heart of it) and several BCC facilities are shutting down for the entire morning.

BCC students have also been invited to the rally, I might add - and I expect that the gym will fill up VERY quickly. So again, get there very early if you want to get in. Expect to be turned away if you do not.

Again, it's in the gym - that's "G" building on the campus map. There will in all likelihood be a lot of signage there that day too in case event attendees get lost. Here are walking directions if you're coming from Eastgate Park and Ride (which is where a lot of Sound Transit buses stop):
  1. From the Park and Ride, you want to enter the parking garage and go to the top level. User the connector to cross onto the bridge that goes over Interstate 90 and take a left (do not turn right and cross I-90!)
  2. You will come to an intersection. Turn right into campus. You'll see a large purple sign with the college logo welcoming you to BCC. Walk straight ahead after turning into campus.
  3. You should see a well marked crosswalk ahead. When you reach this crosswalk, turn to your left and cross over it.
  4. Follow the path into the heart of campus and continue walking straight through campus to get to the gym. You'll pass the construction on D building and the fountain by the Student Union building.
It's going to be very exciting to have one of the biggest political events of the fall come straight to me. I plan to be liveblogging the event on Thursday morning for those of you who can't make it, right here on the Official Blog.

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