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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Johnson axes The Stranger's Feit from debate

This little nugget yesterday from Josh Feit on Slog deserves some attention. Who’s Biased Now?
The Downtown Republican Club is sponsoring a debate on Monday between state Supreme Court Justice Susan Owens and her challenger, GOP state senator Stephen Johnson. (The debate, the only one between the two candidates, will be broadcast on TVW and the Seattle Channel).

I was asked to be the co-moderator of the debate along with conservative blogger Stefan Sharkansky. After I agreed to be in the debate, however, I was told that the Johnson campaign would not participate.

The Downtown Republican Club caved, let Johnson call the shots, and I was ousted for Joel Connelly.
A commenter in that thread at Slog says it was all his fault and a misunderstanding. (If the commenter is really who he says he is, then he is the chair of a GOP district committee. The tone seems sincere, but you know how the internets are.)

Whatever the case may be, let's rewind this one for posterity. Sharkansky, who was reportedly fired by The Stranger for unprofessional conduct, is okay as a moderator but Feit isn't? A misunderstanding, sure. It's not like Sharkansky has ever done anything vindictive. Hey, if Johnson/Sharkansky get a pre-emptory challenge, then Owens should get one too. Just saying.

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