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Friday, October 06, 2006

In Brief - October 6th, 2006

Here is today's quick news digest:
  • Miss the first Goldmark/McMorris debate? A transcript is available here.
  • King County Elections has completed its recount in the NE Electoral Court race, and Frank V. LaSalata has prevailed over incumbent Mary Ann Ottinger for second place. LaSalata and Republican Party hack Richard Pope will face off in the general election.
  • The DCCC is taking Dave Reichert to task with its first accountability ad, the central theme of which is "Just Another Vote for George Bush's Agenda". Reichert's campaign is apparently feeling the pressure, and today, with Ken Melhman in town, released a hilarious press release entitled "Reichert Recognized for Boldly Defying Bush". Yeah, right!
  • In a column for the Washington Post, Michael Kinsley criticized Mike McGavick's TV ad campaign as pathetically ridiculous and even pointless.
  • Dennis Hastert and House Republicans are desperately hoping that their damage control efforts will quell the media furor that has erupted over Foleygate. But a House insider revealed today that Hastert's chief of staff confronted Foley about his inappropriate social contact with male pages well before the speaker said aides in his office took any action. These guys can't even get their made up stories straight.
  • Jon Tester's is hitting back at Conrad Burns for a hideous ad in which Burns attacked Tester for his opposition to the Patriot Act.
Finally, a reminder that Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert will debate this Tuesday evening at the Meydenbauer Center in downtown Bellevue at 6:30 PM. Both will respond to questions from a panel of Seattle Times editorial writers and reporters (the Times is sponsoring the debate).

Darcy could use all the support she can get, so if you can spare a few hours, be sure to go. Admission is free and downtown Bellevue is well served by Metro and Sound Transit. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

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