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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hutcherson spotting

Via echidne at Eschaton comes a Ken Hutcherson spotting courtesy of Ethics Daily.
Speakers didn't come out and say that evangelicals should vote for Republicans, but they touted a conservative social agenda opposing abortion, gay marriage and embryonic stem-cell research, while supporting the war on terrorism and President Bush.

"I am not an elephant, and no one is going to make a jackass out of me," said Ken Hutcherson, senior pastor of Antioch Bible Church near Seattle, Wash., the lone African-American on the program.
And I'm not a goldfish, but nobody is going to make a gecko out of me. Clearly the Hutch is losing it. But as echidne points out, the delicious part is at the end:
The event was originally scheduled in arena with tickets to be sold, but later was moved to a church and free admission. Monday's crowd was substantially smaller than a "Justice Sunday" event held two years ago in the same church.
Dwindling crowds and distancing from the Republicans. Nah, there's no discontent amongst evangelicals. Move along, people. Go to your homes, nothing to see here.

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