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Friday, October 20, 2006

Have you heard Reichert in his own words?

The new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) ad exposing Reichert as a loyal foot soldier in the House Republican caucus instead of the moderate independent he claims to be is getting wide coverage on local news broadcasts and is one of the top political clips on the Internet.

The ad, which is available from our Video Library and our multimedia stream on YouTube, has already been watched several thousand times. It was the fourteenth most watched video in YouTube's News & Blogs Category today, and it was also the ninetieth most watched video on all of YouTube. (It's great to be in the top one hundred!)

It's one of the DCCC's best ads - ever - and if you haven't seen it yet, you have to watch it now.

Reichert's campaign team has had the audacity to complain that the ad, which excerpts a speech Reichert gave to the Mainstream Republicans of Washington earlier this year, took his words out of context. That's just not true. The whole speech is littered with revealing remarks that show Reichert is just a foot soldier, not an independent thinker. Like this:
I know the leadership is already planning to protect me, right. They will develop a bill that increases money for education that I can vote on and say I do support teachers. Now that is the everyday strategic battle that you play in Washington D.C.

-Dave Reichert (Empahsis is ours)
Dave Reichert is just another vote for George W. Bush's agenda - the failed conservative agenda. The House of Representatives is already overflowing with rubber stamps, and it's long been in need of a grand clearing out. Voters in the 8th Congressional District have the opportunity this year to elect a Congresswoman who will put them and their families first - Darcy Burner.

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