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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Goldmark joins Burner, says Hastert must go

It's Cathy McMorris' turn to get a letter:
October 4, 2006

Dear Rep. McMorris:

I have been disturbed and outraged by the news coming from Congress this past week. I believe I must take action to express the growing concerns of voters in the Fifth Congressional District.

With this letter, I am officially asking you to take a public stand in calling for the resignation of House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Hastert has apparently not only failed to protect House pages from further abuse by a member of the House, he also failed to hold that member accountable for his actions. His apparent willingness to suppress potentially criminal activity among House members makes him unfit for leadership.

I believe it is your duty to speak out on this matter at once to help cleanse Congress of a cloud of deep distrust.


Peter Goldmark
Dave Reichert has already admitted he does what the Republican leadership tells him to. McMorris has admitted the same - not openly in words as Reichert has, but through her actions. They and Doc Hastings are part of a corrupt Republican majority that preaches moral values but doesn't practice them.

It's time for new leadership and new blood in Congress.

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